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Department of Medical & Healthcare Solutions

Department of Medical & Healthcare Solutions was founded in July of 2013. It employs about 40 professionals. The main objective and goal of the department is to provide its customers with the full range of hardware and software solutions, as well as development and implementation services of automatization systems for the health care institutions of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


Complex projects on software development of information and management systems in the healthcare sector at regional or national level:
  • Concept development, definition of ideology of information industry.
  • Creation of an IT platform to support the national health system:
Provision of compliance with the national health strategy;
Application of a technology-neutral model and standardized terminology;
Creation of a reference architecture in accordance with national and regional healthcare programs
Application of the service model in the architecture of interaction between the components of a platform and external systems;
Application of the proved standards to ensure technical, semantic and process compatibility; their adaptation to national specificities.
  • Development of applied services:
Patient flow management system allows to control the workload of the various healthcare facilities and certain experts, and if necessary to direct the patient to another clinic;
Laboratory information management systems provide automated interaction between medical institutions and clinical diagnostic laboratories;
Preferential provision of medicines provides an automated process of discharge and maintenance of preferential prescription;
Prophylactic medical examination service automates planning, accounting, qualitative analysis and statistical reporting of the clinical examination of the population, as well as the removal of mundane tasks from health workers during medical examination;
Vaccination of the population - creation of effective processes of planning and further vaccination of the population;
Electronic medical record is a systematic collection of information about patient’s health and proscribed treatment that is stored and processed in digital format;
Analytical support allows to regulate and estimate a resource condition in the most various cuts, to provide daily monitoring of availability of medical care;
The expert systems for the intellectual data analysis, regularities searching and development of alternative solutions for medical institutions management.
  • Comprehensive training on how to use information technology and implementation at all levels of the health system.
  • Development of the necessary legal framework and technical rules in healthcare informatization.


One of the largest healthcare informatization projects is the Unified medical information and analytical system of Moscow (EMIAS). Its implemented by the Department of Information Technology of Moscow in cooperation with the Department of Healthcare of Moscow within the «Information City» program.

Mikhail Slutskiy, Director of Medical & Health Care Solutions department: "Improvement of healthcare system and quality of medical care is the most important social goal. Today information technologies become the new driver in this conservative environment. They create new opportunities and predetermine positive changes in the industry. In the current circumstances the most actual are solutions that penetrate the health care system from a single workstation of a particular medical institution to an employee unit. This approach will support the process of reforming of the existing principles of the organization of capital healthcare".

Contact information

14, k. 1, Murmanskiy proezd, 129075, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 5765533

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