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Workflow Management Department

Established in 1998. LANIT delivers and deploys wide range of workflow management systems based on LANIT’s proprietary software and technology platform – LanDocs. It is used as a base for custom workflow automation solutions, archive management and other solutions deployed by departments staff and our partners at customers enterprises.

Major products:

LanDocs workflow management platform.

Department services:

  • workflow management for large and medium business,
  • unstructured office data processing automation,
  • mass document digitizing,
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL-based systems development,
  • crypto protection add digital signature means integration.

Major projects:

Federal treasury, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bank of Russia, Moscow United Energy Company (MUEC), “Gazpromtransgaz Stavropol”, MDM-Bank, Bank of Moscow, NORSI, Razgulay group, Rusnano, FAS, Mosgaz, Rusagro, TsUM, etc.

Partners and suppliers:

Sibproject, Bevalex, Premium Document Management, KAMI, OTR, KRIT agency, IT Energy and others.

Alexander Rodionov, department director: We see our main objective in building high-tech workflow environment. Its success in general and every projects success in particular is measured by bottlenecks eliminated, staffs efficiency increased and error factor reduced. With these as highlights we plan our work with the customer.


Alexander Rodionov, department director
Phone: +7 495 967 6650 ext. 14757
Fax: +7 499 261 15781

Phone: +7 495 967 16661
Fax: +7 499 261 15781

Phone: +7 495 967 16662

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