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Artezio is anISO 9001:2015certified software development and consulting company. Since 2000, Artezio has completed more than 1000 projects for its international corporate customer base.

Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to clients in the United States, Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc. The staff consists of high quality personnel with profound experience in the business application development, web-based and mobile applications. Artezio resources are located in different regions of Europe.

Artezio software development services allow its clients to deploy multi-platform applications, thus letting them leverage the power of modern software technologies. This is done with the highest degree of engineering skill in conjunction with clear and transparent communication processes.

Artezio process framework is based on open, published and supported standards. On larger projects and with larger software development teams, the company applies tailored versions of Rational Unified Process methodology of software engineering, while on smaller projects more often Artezio uses the most popular agile methodologies such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming, DSDM and Agile UP. The customer has the decisive say on the choice of the methodology for a particular project.

Company Facts

  • Established in 2000
  • 6 development centers in Europe
  • Sales and Operations Offices in the US: New Jersey(HQ), New York, Florida, and New Hampshire
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Operations in Europe, the US, Middle East and JAPAC
  • Over 1000 successfully accomplished projects worldwide
  • Outsourcing services excellence confirmed by rankings: the Global Outsourcing 100, the Global Services 100, the Software 500,, etc.

Technology Profile

WEB development

  • Rich Internet application (RIA) development based on Java, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, and Python technologies
  • Development of sophisticated interfaces based on GWT, Angular.JS, React.JS, Ext JS frameworks, and Kendo UI components
  • Mobile-friendly WEB application development
  • Single page application development

Mobile development

  • The whole stack of native Android, iOS, and Win8\10 development technologies
  • Cross-platform development (Apache Cordova, Xamarin, Telerik Platform)
  • Sophisticated geotracking app development
  • Three-tier solutions development

Enterprise application development

  • Business process automation software based on different BPM engines (Activiti BPM, jBPM)
  • High load SOA system development using both the whole JEE stack (CDI, EJB, JPA, JSP, JSF, JMS, SOAP, REST) plus related frameworks (Spring, Seam) and the whole .Net stack (ASP.Net MVC, WPF, WCF)
  • Portal solutions based on Liferay Portal, Sharepoint WSS/MOSS, WebLogic Portal, WebSphere Portal
  • Integration solutions using ESB (OSB, Oracle ESB, IBM WebSphere ESB, JBoss ESB), Spring integration, MSMQ, eMule
  • A reporting system based on Jasper, BIRT, Pentaho, SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Cloud-based solutions (Azure, Amazon)

Big Data related technology

  • Database analysis and BI (Pentaho, Oracle BI)
  • NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchdb)
  • Search engines (Elastic search, Apache Solr, Sphinx)
  • Intellectual Data Processing (Apache lucene, Apache Mahout)
  • Distributed Compilation (Apache Hadoop, Apache ZooKeeper)


Suite 504, 3G Gubkina St., 119333, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 495 981 0531
Fax: +7 495 232 2683


CleverDATA was founded in 2014 and is an affiliate of LANIT Group. The company focuses on the development of its own products and services - data management platform 1DMP and Data Exchange cloud service for cooperation between data vendors and consumers. CleverDATA provides a set of ready-to-use components for private Data Management Platform development, implements Marketing Automation systems and develops an expertise in Data mining and Machine learning algorithms.

CleverDATA company is a part of LANIT group of companies, and it develops reviewing in Data Mining, including by using predictive analytics approaches and machine learning. CleverDATA provides consulting services and implements projects on building scalable and defect-tolerant platforms to manage and process massive amounts of data in real-time, to develop high load systems for investment and banking, and telecommunication sector, Retail and eCommerce, online advertising market (DMP/DSP/SSP solutions to work under RTB technology).

CleverDATA’s experience and reviewing focus on solving the following business problems: users experience profiling, improvement of the customer base management efficiency, marketing and marketing campaigns automation, and others. Moreover the company uses not only partnership program solutions, and hardware and software solutions, but also their own products in the form of cloud services and on-premise solutions distributed under Open Source license.

14, k. 1, Murmanskiy proezd, 129075, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 967 66 50


CompTek is a Russian leading distributor of networking and telecommunications equipment of the world IT market leaders, such as Cisco, EMC, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, F5, Networks, Ixia, CommScope, Dell, LifeSize , InfiNet Wireless, Ubiquiti Networks and others.

CompTek is an innovative company developing breakthrough, knowledge-intensive and promising technologies. Telecom operators, systems integrators, application developers and resellers are among partners of CompTek in more than 100 cities in Russia and the CIS. The strategy of CompTek is focused on creating favorable conditions for its partners’ business development.


Bld. 1, the business park “Rumyantsevo”, Leninsky district, Moscow, 142784
Phone: +7 (495) 789-65-65, +7 (495) 249-00-05
Fax: +7 (495) 287-30-53


diHouse, one of the leading companies in the Russian market of IT-distribution, was esteblished in 1996. Company offers a wide assortment of worldwide manufacturers of computer and digital technology, accessories and electronic devices (Apple, ASUS, Dell, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Lenovo, ARCHOS, GoPro, Irbis, Ozaki, Parrot, Wacom, and others).

Benefits of diHouse are not only in the great experience. The company’s development helps to gain value for our customers and suppliers and also to develop each employee as a part of one diHouse team.

Moving forward constantly, diHouse offers high-quality products, unique services and support to build and develop professional IT-market.

Cooperation with diHouse includes not only the supply of goods and related activities, but also organizing points of sale, staff training, developing and carrying out marketing activities designed to make partners' sales more effective.


Proezd Zavoda Serp I Molot, 6, bld. 1, Moscow, 111250, Russia

Phone: +7 495 651 6290,
Fax: +7 495 651 6291


Engineer One is a full-cycle Russian engineering company. We specialize in a broad range of tasks in efficient corporate energy infrastructure. Our solutions enable companies to streamline their energy consumption, improve the performance of power equipment, ensure reliability and compliance of infrastructure with today's industrial safety standards.

Engineer One delivers up to 25 projects a year to implement the following technical solutions:
  • Reconstruction of electrical infrastructure
  • Reconstruction of industrial heat supply systems
  • Cogeneration plant construction
  • Advanced controls solutions for steam production and distribution systems
  • HAZOP – hazard and operability study
  • Process Control
  • Multilevel energy resources accounting systems
  • Industrial information & analysis systems and MES
  • Gas treatment and distribution systems
  • Hydrogen and nitrogen production

Engineer One Facts

  • We have 130 employees in our offices in 8 industrial cities of Russia to provide proper service for our customers all across the country.
  • We have manufacturing facilities in Nizhniy Novgorod and Tambov to produce pre-engineered systems and packages that reduce the lead time for installation and commissioning and ideally meet technical requirements.
  • We have installation department enabling us to ensure perfect timing and quality of on-site assembling and installation.

Our international partners such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Armstrong Int, Emerson, Elster, Saacke, Schneider Electric and Siemens help us ensure high quality, reliability and optimal costs of implementation.

Michael Baklygin, CEO: «Engineer One is a team of those who are really excited with their job».


115191, Moscow, Gamsonovsky lane, 2, bldg. 6-8-9
Tel: +7 (495) 643-18-78

Evident Point Software Corp.

Evident Point, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, was established in 1995 and became a member of the LANIT group in 2011.

As a worldwide leading provider of cross-platform digital publishing solutions, Evident Point builds high-quality custom eBook and eLearning solutions, which are intended for use by software companies, educational institutions and publishers, such as Zinio and NewspaperDirect.

Evident Point co-founded Readium Foundation, led the development of Readium EPUB 3 Reader, created the interactive eLearning platform, Active Textbook, and developed the versatile SDK, PDFUnbound. Evident Point has completed many successful projects for corporate clients, such as Apple, Microsoft, Omni Group, Sony, and many other leading high-tech companies.

Backed by advanced technologies, Evident Point's development team has contributed code to Microsoft OneNote, Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, InDesign, Microsoft Reader, and several Apple applications.


Evident Point Software Corp.
130-3751 Shell Road, Richmond
British Columbia, Canada V6X 2W2
Phone: +1 604 241 2711


INSYSTEMS (engineering systems and services) was founded in 2002 as a result of merger occurring between LANIT-Kondi, Department of Communication Systems and Power Supply and the Department of Security Systems of LANIT Facilities. INSYSTEMS’ scope of activities covers an integrated support of facilities with engineering systems and low power networks.

Companys areas of operation:

  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cold supply,
  • water supply and sewerage,
  • power supply,
  • physical security,
  • fire protection,
  • low power networks,
  • integrated automation,
  • architectural and construction operations.

Services rendered by the company:

  • project pre selection meetings,
  • development of design and estimate documentation,
  • equipment supply,
  • assembly and commissioning of equipment,
  • software installation,
  • servicing.


14, k. 1, Murmanskiy proezd, 129075, Moscow, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 495 967 6675

Inventive Retail Group

Inventive Retail Group - a member of LANIT group - is a unique company among Russian chain stores. It consists of dedicated single brand stores offering its customers top-of-the-line mobile devices, gadgets, toys and sporting goods. The core brands of Inventive Retail Group are: Apple‚ LEGO Sony, Samsung, Nike.

    Retailing chain includes:
    • 84 re:Store stores Apple Premium Reseller format in Russia,
    • 81 Samsung tied outlets,
    • 84 certified LEGO multiple stores,
    • 17 Sony Centre stores,
    • 21 Nike tied outlets,
    • 9 Prenatal Milano stores,
    • 5 UNOde50 outlets,
    • 14 Ctreet Beat stores,
    • 2 Rookie stores.
    Inventive Retail Group outlets feature comfort and customer-friendly atmosphere and allow their customers to familiarize with every item before actual purchase. Professional sales consultants help visitors fully understand and appreciate every feature of the merchandise, choose the best fitting solution and help on previous purchases usage. The stores feature wide range of credit lines, equipment insurance plans and promo actions. Annual audience of the chain exceeds 12 million visitors.


    Inventive Retail Group
    23, Spartakovskaya St., 105066, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 (495) 651-62-88


    Kamchatka information and engineering center (KITS) was established in 1995. In 1997 it became part of the group of companies LANIT. Training institution and the office of the company are located in Petropavlovsk. Branches operate within the schools of the city and in Elizovo city. KITS is one of the most dynamically developing companies of the peninsula, it is a leader in the field of non-state supplementary education. Training institution set-up by KITS partners with Novell, Microsoft SCO, BAAN, Intel.

    Company’s areas of operation:

    • education in computer technologies and foreign languages;
    • supply and assembly of ventilation equipment;
    • supply and assembly of air conditioning systems;
    • supply and assembly of sources of uninterruptive power supply, of various capacities;
    • supply and assembly of diesel generating installations of various capacities;
    • supply of computer equipment – personal computers, accounting and business machinery, components and expendable parts;
    • ATM servicing;
    • services in the field of system integration: design, assembly and servicing of structural cable systems local computation systems;
    • sale of corporate Microsoft licenses;
    • servicing of computer equipment.


    46, Leninskaya Str., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683000, Russia
    Phone: +7 (4152) 412 012, 412 800, 412 808
    Fax: +7 (4152) 412 104

    LAN ATMservice


    LLC LAN ATMservice is part of the group of companies LANIT and is a leader in the market of self-service banking technologies. Company’s history dates back to 1995, from the creation of the department of banking technologies LANIT. Due to the business growth and new aims, in 2010 part of the department was allocated to a separate company – LAN ATMservice. For more than 20 years the company has maintained a flawless reputation and managed to develop production relations with the leading bank partners. Company employs more than 500 staff. The core of the team are professional engineers dealing in services and repairs of banking equipment, technical support and development of software.

    Companys areas of specialty:

    • supply of ATMs, self-service terminals and specialized banking equipment for a self cash collection in the retail sector (clients are provided with a variety of conditions of acquisition);
    • integrated multi-vendor maintenance of self-service machines on the entire territory of Russia, including the 2nd and 1st line of technical support (SLM, FLM), outsourcing, one-time and design work, subscription delivery of spare parts;
    • professional services including developing custom software and assistance in the process of EMV certification; the company offers software solutions such as ATM monitoring system, file transfer system and ATM multivendor software;
    • ATM security including delivery of solutions for video surveillance, protection against skimming and scumware, enhance of physical security, security of banknotes ("color"), supply of software and hardware platforms for security control centers for ATM networks and terminals.

    Company customers:

    LAN ATMservice has over 150 customers among Russian banks, including Sberbank of Russia, Rosbank, Bank "RUSSIA" Bank "Saint-Petersburg", UniCredit Bank, Gazprombank, MDM Bank, "Bank Otkritie", Bank of Moscow, Home Credit Bank, Binbankcards, The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Russian National Commercial Bank, Stavropolpromstroybank, Devon-Credit Bank, Center-invest Bank, Absolut Bank, Sovcombank, TRUST Investment Bank, ROSSIYSKIY KREDIT BANK, B&N BANK, Bank ZENIT, URALSIB, Russian regional development bank, Defence Industrial Bank, FUNDSERVICEBANK, KOSHELEV-BANK, BBR Bank, Asian-Pacific Bank, BCSInvestment Bank, ISBANK, Sobinbank, Nefteprombank, Trade City Bank, ERGOBANK, Bank "Agropromcredit", Bank “SOYUZ”, ROST BANK, Nordea Bank and others.


    14, k. 1, Murmanskiy proezd, 129075, Moscow
    Phone: +7 495 967 6674
    Fax: +7 495 721 9155


    LANIT DIGITAL agency was founded in 2015 as a part of LANIT group of companies. Its main area of expertise is digital reputation management. The agency specialists have a vast experience of project management in digital communications for both private and public sectors. Project team is always formed to comply with the client’s specific requirements.

    The LANIT DIGITAL team is a group of passionate individuals who are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the sphere.


    • Digital communications planning and strategy
    • Digital reputation audit
    • Social media monitoring and analysis of mentions
    • Working with opinion leaders
    • Social media accounts and pages managing
    • Comprehensive digital communications trainings and educational programs


    There are companies of public and private sectors with high quality standards among the agencys clients. Such companies are always under public attention, so it is necessary to use a very careful approach working with their images and digital reputation. The agencys portfolio includes such clients as the Committee of public services of the city of Moscow, Moscow center "Open government", Yandex.Market, QIWI Bank and Minime Pets.

    Partners and suppliers

    LANIT DIGITAL collaborates only with trusted partners and suppliers who have an excellent track record. We choose partners with great care to guarantee high quality of the final product.

    Contact Information:

    4B, Dnepropetrovskaya St., Moscow 117525
    Tel: +7 499 501-35-38


    Business Process Management is a methodology focused on essential (or continuous) improvement of operational excellence and process agility of enterprises.

    Business Process Management Suites of the leading vendors make one IT product a complete combination of tools needed to support full cycle of business process management, which includes:

    • Automating business processes (gathering requirements, designing, modeling, implementing, managing changes etc.),
    • Customizing business processes in a short space of time and in compliance with any parameters,
    • Monitoring business processes (collecting KPI statistics; monitoring employees’ workload; tracking KPI and SLA on the process level in general as well as on the level of certain process steps),
    • Optimizing business processes (process navigators making employees go to the appropriate destinations; process variability depending on a region, product, customer group, employee skills etc.),
    • Arranging collaborative work in the framework of dynamic business processes, with multiple interaction channels and social networks involved.

    A BPM system integrated in the enterprise IT environment facilitates a streamlined information infrastructure in general.

    LANIT – BPM Company, a branch of the LANIT Group, has been established to leverage a full-scale BPM practice in Russia.

    LANIT – BPM is a Gold Partner and an Expertise and Localization Center specializing in BPM solutions of Pegasystems, the BPM vendor 1 according to the Gartner and Forrester’s ratings.

    A team of certified BPM architects is currently working for the Company. This is the largest team of BPM architects in Russia and it is constantly growing.

    LANIT – BPM provides a full range of services needed to automate business processes and improve their efficiency:

    • Consulting customers to ensure the right BPM system choice,
    • Arranging BPM project implementation,
    • Performing business process audit,
    • Designing and developing BPM solution,
    • Integrating BPM solution with other systems,
    • Trainings for managers, experts, Customer’s BPM team, and users,
    • Supporting and enhancing BPM solution.


    14, k. 1, Murmanskiy drv., 129075, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 499 576 5531
    Fax: +7 499 261 5781


    “LANIT-Integration” Co. (the former Network Integration Department LANIT) specializes in IT consulting, corporate and engineering infrastructure deployment, data centers, virtualization, networking, telephony, multimedia systems, videoconferencing, information security, IT service management, and maintenance services. Established in 1990, Network Integration Department LANIT had been actively evolving within these very lines of activity for over 20 years.

    Today, more than 400 certified professionals are engaged in development within these areas. The professionalism of our staff is continuously maintained at the highest level thanks to continuous career development system and training programs held in partner-vendors' training centers.

    Company boasts of more than 2,000 successfully implemented large-scale projects - more than a hundred of industry business solutions for oil and gas, banking, industry, and other key sectors of the economy. Highly-developed all-Russian service network contributes to our projects' success.

    Lines of Activity:

    • IT consulting
    • Information Security;
    • Corporate Software infrastructure;
    • Data Centers (DCs);
    • Engineer Infrastructure;
    • Monitoring and IT Service Management;
    • Software products Licensing;
    • Telephony, Videoconferencing & Multimedia Systems;
    • Integrated Server Solutions;
    • Network Solutions.

    LANIT-Integration has established partnerships with over 200 of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech products and service-providers, such as APC, Avaya, Cisco Systems, Citrix, Dell, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, RiT Technologies, SME, Samsung, Symantec, VMWare, Xerox, and many others.

    Murat Marshankulov, CEO of LANIT-Integration Co.: With every passing year, projects implemented by Network Integration Department were becoming more and more ambitious. We were successfully solving complex problems, developing new lines of activity, looking for the most effective ways to meet our customers' demands. Accumulated experience, knowledge and professionalism allow us to be certain about success of LANIT-Integration Co.

    Contact Info:

    105066, Moscow, 14 Murmansky proezd, k. 1
    Tel.: +7 (495) 967-66-57

    Fax: +7 (495) 721-19-33


    Packaged supply of technical equipment

    LLC LANIT-Nord, part of the groups of companies LANIT, is the official distributor and partner of many leading global manufacturers and focuses on packaged supply of electrical and technical equipment.

    Our brands:

    • LEGRAND (France) – producer of electrical and technical equipment, supplier of integrated solutions for the electric power and informational networks. LEGRAND goods are used both within residential premises and within the administrative buildings, as well as at industrial facilities.
    • Schneider Electric (France) equipment manufacturer for the power network management systems at the civil and residential construction facilities, industrial, power related and infrastructural facilities as well as data processing and network centers.
    • SIEMENS (Germany) manufacturer of automation equipment, commercial software, industrial communication components, frequency-controlled drives, switching and protection equipment, electrical machinery and power installations, wiring machinery and many other products.
    • VERGOKAN (Belgium) manufacturer of cable bearing systems and structures, various types of metal cable support trays and accessories thereto, steel cable trays and concealed wiring systems for the floor installation or casing.
    • RIT Technologies (Israel) manufacturer of structural cable systems, global leader in the field of intellectual solutions for the network and infrastructural management.
    • RITTAL (Germany) manufacturer of industrial and telecommunications frameworks: switch boards and boxes, electrical trays, crates and body frames, microclimate testing equipment, current distribution equipment, communication racks and boxes, outdoor installation frames.
    • KNUERR (Germany) manufacturer of boxes for the electrical and network equipment, computer related furniture, electrical and electromechanical system, control consoles and office and industrial furniture.
    • FG WILSON (Great Britain) manufacturer of electrical generators including diesel power generators, gas piston generators and flex fuel installations.
    • APC-MGE (France) manufacturer of uninterruptible power system, of high and very high capacity.
    • EATON (USA) manufacturer of electrical control systems, systems of power distribution, uninterruptible power supply and industrial automation systems.
    • Mitsubishi Electri (Japan) manufacturer of air conditioning systems for household, commercial and industrial application.
    • DAIKIN (Japan) manufacturer of high-tech air conditioning equipment, purposed for create comfortable conditions within the commercial, industrial and residential premises, as well as use for industrial purposes.
    • EMICON (Italy) manufacturer of a large range of industrial climate control equipment, designed taking into account minimum power usage, reduction in the level of acoustic noise, and with the use of environmentally friendly coolants.
    • NordVent (Germany) manufacturer of micrometric air conditioning systems and cold-supply for hi-tech premises of any complexity.
    • Bus wires of various manufacturers. Canalis bus wire produced by Schneider Electric. Bus wires produced by Zucchini, which is included in the group of companies Legrand. LS Cable bus wire (LG South Korea).
    • Power cables of the Russian manufacturers (Moscable, Spetscable, etc.) and of foreign manufacturers (Nexans, Hyperline, etc.).


    10/A, Shaumyana avenue, 195027, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Phone/fax: +7 812 326 0042


    LANIT Norht-West operates in St. Petersburg since 2011. Opening of the representative office in the North-West Federal District was an important and a task-orientated step towards implementing the LANIT’s regional development strategy. North-West region is one of the key regions of the Russian Federation, concentrating a large number of companies and organizations with large scale tasks in the field of information technology. Interaction with such companies through the regional representation office located in St. Petersburg will assure a fruitful cooperation, at the same time increasing efficiency and flexibility of operations.

    Services rendered by the company:

    • Network integration (infrastructural solutions, multi-service networks, informational security and structural cable systems);
    • Access control and video surveillance systems;
    • Data processing centers;
    • Communication systems (Voice over IP, wireless communication, videoconferencing);
    • Automation, design and engineering process preparation of production and management over engineering data;
    • Engineering solutions (security, automation, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems, uninterruptable power supply systems, IT security centers);
    • Equipment and software supplies.


    Office 812, 8, Karl Faberzhe square,
    Business Center "Russkie Samotsvety"
    195112, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Phone/fax: +7 812 309-83-10


    LANIT-PARTNER is the leading system integrator in the Russian Far East. The company has worked in the IT market since 1992 and has been the part of leading multi-profile group of the IT companies LANIT since 1997.

    The company’s purpose is provision of a complete range of services in the field of design and implementation of the engineering and software solutions necessary for creation of the high-quality IT environment providing to clients effective development and growth. During twenty years of the active work the company has accumulated invaluable experience of interaction with the enterprises of small and medium business, large corporate customers and state structures.

    Today LANIT-PARTNER has a highly qualified, mobile and experienced command of experts and implements projects in all territory of the Russian Far East.


    137, Zaparina St., 680011,Khabarovsk, Russia
    Phone: +7 4212 07 0757
    Fax: +7 4212 76 4880


    LANIT-Povolzhye is one of the regional companies of LANIT Inc, the leader of IT market in the Russian Federation. We have been working in Nizhniy Nivgorod and Povolzhskiy Region since 2005. During this period we have gained a great experience providing IT solutions to our customers.

    The lines of activities of LANIT-Povolzhye include:

    • Electric power supply systems and services
    • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Network integration and Data Centers
    • Network and telecommunications
    • System integration and business processes automatization
    • Technical service
    • IT-outsourcing

    Our partners:

    APC by Schneider Electric, Avaya, Cisco, Cummins, Dell, Directum, Eaton, Emicon, FG Wilson, Fujitsu, HP Inc., HTS, Huawei, Juniper Networks, Landata, MGE, Mitsubishi Electric, OCS, Oracle, SDMO, Stulz, Uniflair, General Electric, Treolan and other.


    23, Rodionova St., 603093,Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
    Phone: +7 831 461 9131
    Fax: +7 831 461 9147


    Established in March 2012 and included in the LANIT group of companies LANIT-SIBIR is one of the largest system integrators in the Siberian Federal District.

    LANIT-SIBIR’s specialists have experience in implementing complex projects in the sphere of system integration, network integration, industrial automation (process control system and energy-saving system), engineering systems.

    Services rendered by the company:

    • Network integration (infrastructural solutions, multi-service networks, informational security and structural cable systems);
    • Access control and video surveillance systems;
    • Data processing centers;
    • Communication systems (Voice over IP, wireless communication, videoconferencing);
    • Automation, design and engineering process preparation of production and management over engineering data;
    • Engineering solutions (security, automation, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems, uninterruptable power supply systems, IT security centers);
    • Equipment and software supplies.

    Our partners:

    APC by Schneider Electric («LANIT-SIBIR» is the only one has the status Elite Data Partner in the Siberian Federal District), AMP, Cisco, Legrand, Stratus Technologies, Fujitsu, Huawei, Epson, Samsung, NetApp, Avaya, Axis, Utilex, Veeam, ViewSonic, HP Inc., Dell and other.


    Office 13-2, 57, Vzletnaya str., 660020, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

    Phone: +7 (391) 270 22 02



    LANIT-Tercom is the leading Russian developer of software and hardware products, on the international IT market since 1991. Since 1998 is a member of LANIT Group. Specialists of the company fulfill industrial orders and unconventional high-tech projects in the field of programming. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg.

    Key services:

    • Science-intensive programming projects,
    • Custom Software/ Hardware development,
    • Dedicated software development centers (ODC),
    • Information/ Computer Security (SW, HW),
    • Support,
    • Information Systems,
    • Image recognition,
    • Embedded systems & HW,
    • Telecom protocols,
    • Reengineering,
    • Software testing,
    • IT Consulting (projects optimization and audit), Outstaffing.

    More about LANIT-Tercom services

    Main projects:

    Lanit-Tercom works with customers from Russia, the USA and the EU. Among the clients: 2M Electronics, Citibank, APL CIS, ProTelevision, Blue Phoenix, International Intellectual Group, Laerdal, Relativity Technologies, Navio, FOSS, Focon, St. Petersburg State University and many others.

    Partners and vendors:

    Microsoft (Gold certified Microsoft partner), Intel, Apple (Official member of iOs, Safari and Mac developer programs and MFi licensing program), RUSSOFT Association, St. Petersburg State University.

    Andrey Terekhov, CEO: «The slogan of «LANIT-Tercom» - «Smart Software Solutions». From the very first days of activity the company I tried to work only in the field of science-intensive business, relying on the fact that I not only the Director, but also a head of the Department of St. Petersburg state University. There was a period, when my colleagues on RUSSOFT Association asked to use this slogan only for our company but not for the Russian outsourcing in general. To date, most of my colleagues, including foreign, agree that Russia could take a leading position in the high technology sector of the IT-market».

    Contact information:

    28 Universitetsky pr., Peterhof, St. Petersburg, 198504, Russia
    Phone: + 7 812 428 41 94
    Fax: +7 812 428 74 09


    LLC LANIT-Ural, part of the LANIT group of companies, is a leading system integrator in the South Ural region, an engineering company providing project management services.

    Since 2016 LLC LANIT-Ural is the resident of Chelyabinsk IT-Park. LANIT-Ural actively works in the sphere of information technologies import substitution – implements and adjusts Russian hardware and software in governmental organisations and industrial enterprises.

    Key services:

    • Energy-saving street and indoor lighting;
    • Development and implementation of information management systems for governmental organisations;
    • “Secure city” photo and video monitoring systems for road-safety management;
    • Implementation of automatic process control system for industrial enterprises;
    • Engineering systems;
    • Information security;
    • System Integration;
    • Network integration;
    • Supply of Hardware and Software.


    159, office 2207, Kirova St., 454091, Chelyabinsk, Russia
    Phone: +7 351 239 9442
    Fax: +7 351 239 9443


    LANTER is authorized partner of VeriFone, ID Tech and Radware – worldwide leaders in payment transaction technologies. LANTER is part of LANIT Group of Companies and specialized in EFT-POS solutions, payment application development, services and POS field maintenance.

    LANTER is:

    • more than 100 customers in Russia and the CIS countries,
    • leading supplier of contactless solution in Russian market,
    • one of leaders of POS field maintenance.


    5, bld. 1, Dobroslobodskaya St., 105066,Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 967 6650
    Fax: +7 495 721 9155

    MIKOM engineering center

    MIKOM engineering center was found in 1998. In 2008 it became part of the group of companies LANIT. Company office is located in Rostov-On-Don. MIKOM engineering center is one of the most dynamic companies in the region.

    Services rendered by the company:

    Creation of an infrastructure for an integrated automation of the company:

    • low power informational cable-based systems,
    • access control and video surveillance systems,
    • fire protection systems,
    • power supply and uninterruptible power systems,
    • information networks for the transfer of data and voice.


    44, Pushkinskaya Str., 344082, Rostov-On-Don, Russia
    Phone: +7 863 267 8080, +7 863 267 0077
    Fax: +7 863 267 4488, +7 863 267 5381


    NORBIT Company specializes in the field of informational technologies and is a LANIT Group company, the largest system integrator in Russia.

    Being a Gold Partner of SAP and Microsoft Gold Partner, NORBIT is one of the leading Russian IT-consulting companies in the field of development and implementation of ERP- and CRM-systems and develops its own solutions for business management and electronic commerce.

    NORBIT is a Center of Competence within LANIT holding company and is responsible for the development and implementation of integrated industry management systems based on such solutions as SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, and for customer relations management systems –Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To solve local management and integration related problems NORBIT develops its own software platform "NORBIT Business Suite" that allows speedy creation of different accounting and analytical systems. As a separate business direction of the company, the design of electronic business solutions and automation of trade in state bodies ("GosZakaz" system) and private companies (NORBIT Business Trade) have been launched.

    As a result of active development of SAP practice, NORBIT was awarded the superior prize of Russian SAP representatives in the nomination "The Best Debut at the medium-sized business". Also NORBIT company is a winner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards "5 stars" (2006/07, 2007/08, 2009/10, 2010/11), a member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club and the partner of Microsoft, possessing the Premium Partner status in the field of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    NORBIT works with the leading Russian enterprises, the largest of which are GMK Norilsky Nikel, Evrazholding, RUSAL, SUAL, Lincoln Electric, ZAO Sberbank-AST, Alpina Publisher, Transgarant, Euroset, "City" and "Relax FM" radio stations, Bakhetle, Norilsk-Telecom, VSK Insurance House, Afisha, RIA Novosti, Action media, ProfMedia as well as state bodies and departments: Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk Region Administration, Arkhangelsk Region Administration, Republic of Tatarstan State Purchase Agency, Department of State Purchase of Tver Region, Ministry of Economy of Republic of Mary El, Altai Territory Administration, Ministry of Economy of Astrakhan Region.


    18, Yunnatov St., 127083, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 787 2992
    Fax: +7 495 787 2990


    The Onlanta Company offers a wide array of IT outsourcing services, including IT infrastructure support, data system support, cloud computing, data security and application management services. provides cloud-based services using, primarily, VMware programming solutions. It provides both IT infrastructure and software-as-a-serviceservices in the cloud, aswell as hosting and virtualization ofcorporate applications. Company hard ware resources are concentrated in several partner data centers.

    Onlanta is part of the LANIT Group of Companies. The company’s head office is located in Moscow, and the company has representative offices in Nizhnii Novgorod, Penza, Tver, and Barnaul. Onlantas partner network has representation in every region of Russia. Businesses from the financial and banking, petroleum and energy, telecommunications and networking, transport, retail, manufacturing and service industries as well as and state institutions are among the companys clients.

    The companys cloud-based computing services entail the leasing of high-performance servers and data storage systems to clients. They require that data storage systems behigh-performing, reliable and scalable, as a client may request its cloud space be expanded or reduced at any moment, depending on its operating requirements.


    Sergey Taran - CEO of the Onlanta company

    ore business areas:

    • ServiceDesk
    • IT infrastructure support
    • Engineering systems support
    • User support
    • Managed print services
    • services
    • Maintenance of information systems
    • Information security

    Quality of IT outsourcing services provided by Onlanta is confirmed by the certificate of ISO 20000, while the information security management system complies to ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

    Service desk

    • Onlanta specialists will receive, process and resolve the service requests;
    • Requests and all operations for their resolution will be registered by SD specialists in ITSM system which is based on Assyst solution by Axios Systems, the leading provider of ITSM systems;
    • The Client will receive the regular reporting on requests and associated actions based on the above information.

    Full range of it infrastructure management services

    • Service Requests Management
    • Servers and system software support
    • Corporate telephone communication systems support
    • Network hardware support
    • IT-infrastructure accessibility monitoring
    • Video-conferencing systems support
    • User support

    Support of engineering systems related to it infrastructure

    Onlanta provides the reliable operation of engineering systems, such as:

    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • Air conditioning
    • Fire extinguishing
    • Video surveillance
    • Access control systems

    User support

    • Setting up of workstations and laptop computers
    • Connection and setting up of peripheral hardware
    • Logging of user requests in ITSM
    • User consulting on software and hardware related issues
    • Disassembling, transfer and joining up the user computers

    Managed print services

    • Print auditing
    • Unification and optimization of printers
    • Printers monitoring and control automation
    • Cartridges replacement, purchasing of consumables
    • Trial operation, training of users SERVICES

    • OnCloud Std - the cloud IT infrastructure of rapid deployment intended for software without high performance requirements.
    • OnCloud Biz – a solution for business-critical high-load information systems, the parameters are designed to ensure flexible customization.
    OnCloud Std is based on VMware vCloud Suite and has the status of VMware vCloud Powered proving its compliance to the requirements of VMware. The cloud infrastructure of relies on high-end servers and data storage systems. Hardware components are produced by the leading hardware and software vendors.

    The infrastructure of Oncloud Std is designed to ensure the personal data security as prescribed by the Russian Federation legislation. The certification of “ONLANTA CLOUD SECURITY SYSTEM” proves that this information system can store the personal data of all categories and, by doing so, all regulatory requirements related to information security can be met.

    Maintenance of information systems

    • Technical support and uninterruptible functioning of custom applications aswell as replicated software;
    • Receiving the requests via Service Desk;
    • Remote management of the applications and their maintenance and updating;
    • Support of operational performance, solving of incidents and emergency situations;
    • Fault diagnostics, recommendations on troubleshooting;
    • Consulting on soft wareuse.

    Ensuring the customers in formation security

    • E-mail protection from spam and viruses;
    • Ensuring protected processing of personal data;
    • Control and monitoring of network perimeter protection.

    The information security control system used by ONLANTA meets the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005.


    BoardMaps, Cisco, Citrix, Diasoft, HP Inc., Huawei, IXcellerate, Konica Minolta, Kyoera, Logica, Medesk, Microsoft, Mind, Oracle, RedHat, SAFEDATA, Samsung, VMWareand other.


    111250, Russia, Moscow, proezd Zavoda Serp I Molot, 6, bld. 1


    Phone: +7 (495) 721-12-18

    Quorus ACS

    Quorus ACS is one the oldest integrators of the Urals Federal District, and the accumulate operational experience within the corporate segment and a large number of exclusive developments helped the company to gain trust and support from its customers, bringing it to the ranks of the largest and most respected players of the Urals Federal District (CRN/RE, 15 (284) dated August 30th, 2007).

    For more than 18 years Quorus ACS has been operating in the field of information technologies and specializes in the solution of tasks, related to the formation and support of IT infrastructures within the companies.

    Quorus ACS is an official partner of the leading global manufacturers of equipment and software, and also holds the licenses from the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information, Russian State Technical Authority and the Federal Security Service of Russia, allowing the company to implement the whole range of services relating to the introduction of the informational security: from task assignment right down to commissioning tests. Availability of 1st and 2nd level building and structures design and construction licenses, gives the company an opportunity to implement projects in the field of engineering systems. Quorus ACS is a three time winner of a very prestigious CRN/RE rating of the 25 top regional companies. In 2007 we reached the top ten of the team professionalism rating and also took the pole position of the reputations rating.

    Company’s areas of operation:

    • smart building systems;
    • data processing centers (DPC);
    • engineering systems of the DPC;
    • secured power supply systems;
    • structural cable systems;
    • data transfer networks;
    • voice over IP, IP video surveillance, videoconferencing;
    • access infrastructure to corporate information;
    • informational security;
    • documentation management systems.


    19, Rosa Luxemburg Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia

    Phone: +7 343 365 8207

    Fax: +7 343 365 8208


    The educational center Academy of Networking LANIT

    «Academy of Networking LANIT » - non-goverment educational private institution of additional vocational education established in 1995 as a subsidiary company LANIT. In the Academy of Networking LANIT specialists train and improve their skills in various areas of IT-industry. The Central office is located in Moscow, a regional branch is located in Kazan. More than 350 000 people have been trained in the training center since its foundation day. There is also a testing center in Academy of Networking which deals with such testing systems as Pearson VUE and Kryterion. Moreover Academy of Networking has developed its own system of knowledge assessment for corporate clients' personnel.

    Company services:

    • Authenticated and authorized training courses for it professionals, users and managers: Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, HP, IBM, Juniper, Linux, Microsoft, SAP, VMWare and other (more than 600 names);
    • Author's courses of the educational center Network Academy LANIT and partners Avaya, JAVA, Luxoft, Oracle, programming languages, information security and other (more than 25 items);
    • Testing and certification in the field of IT (VUE, KRYTERION);
    • Full-time, distance and e-learning;
    • Additional education: Higher computer school Expert (the joint project Network Academy and the Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov for additional higher education. Duration of studies - 2 years. Offers full-time and distance learning);
    • Additional education: educational programs (the joint project Network Academy and the Moscow aviation institute for additional higher education);
    • Corporate educational projects:
    • Educational programs for training staff of various positions and qualifications;
    • The concept of training, focused on different forms of education;
    • Methods and tools for effective planning and assessment quality of studies;
    • Training in the developed electronic educational courses;
    • On-line consulting on software and office applications, including after training;
    • Development of training materials and tests;
    • Seminars and master classes;
    • Shooting videos.

    Forms of education

    • Full-time training in groups;
    • Personal training.Personal training is carried out according to the individual schedule for each student. In the process of Personal training media and individual testing are used;
    • Cloud-based Personal training.Cloud format repeats technology of personal training, allowing to study in any place and at any time.
    Network Academy has a wide experience of the off-site training. The training is held on the territory of the customer in the classroom, equipped in accordance with the requirements for conducting off-site training.

    Main projects:

    • Training of functional specialists with basic computer skills, training of IT specialists of the Federal Treasury of Russia;
    • Organizational, methodological and analytical support for development of the Federal universities network;
    • Public observers trainingfor participation in holding state (final) attestation (Unified state examination);
    • Civil servants of State bovies training in the field of using modern information technologies;
    • Scientific and pedagogical staff of the southern Federal University training for using interactive computer projection screens (interactive whiteboards) in educational process;

    Partnership status and achievements

    • Gold partner of Microsoft in the field of training (Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solution);
    • Authorized training center of Cisco Learning Partner);
    • Authorized training center IBM;
    • IVANTI (LANDESK Software) Learning Partner;
    • Authorized Bazalt SPO training center;
    • Authorized training center Adobe;
    • The winners of world contest partner of Microsoft project 2010 Microsoft Partner Awards winner as Learning Solutions;
    • The most influential partner of Microsoft in the field training projects in 2010 (Impact Partner of the Year, 2010);
    • In 2011 Academy of Networking started up a new way of conducting learning courses Personal Learning;
    • In 2013 a new format Cloud Personal Learningwas started up.

    Yulia Shikova, Director: Since 1995, our training center has come a long way: from tiny educational institutions with one computer class to the company, which recently managed to sell the biggest project of IT education in the country as thousands of experts in all subjects of the Russian Federation had training. This was achieved because of the high professionalism of our team, and long-term cooperation with clients who share our desire for new, the most modern knowledge and skills, allowing to build a modern Russia.


    5, bld. 1, Dobroslobodskaya St., 105066, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 967 6670, +7 495 967 6695


    Treolan is one of the largest and fast growing full-range distributors on the Russian IT market. Today the company works with more than 2800 partners from more than 230 cities and towns of Russia. It is one of the leading providers of servers, data storage systems, PCs and laptops, printers and plotters, UPS, network hardware and software. The company is ranked as one of the best distributors in IT mass media ratings.


    5, bld. 1, Dobroslobodskaya St., 105005, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 967-66-84; +7 495 261-15-42
    Fax: +7 495 265-51-92

    Resource offices

    • LANIT-Penza

        Partners in LANIT:

        • Management and consulting systems department
        • Company “TREOLAN”
        • Company Onlanta


        Itkin Roman, general director
        Phone: +7 8412 55 3546


    • LANIT-Yug (LANIT-South)

        350000, Krasnodarskiy kray, Krasnodar, Levanevskogo street, 174


    • LANIT-Samara

        Partners in LANIT:

        • Complex projects department
        • Companies “LAN ATMservice” and LANTER


        8, office 909, Frunze St., 445051, Tolyatti, Samara region, Russia
        Phone: +7 495 668 0760
        Phone: +7 8482 55 8820


    • LANIT-Sibir

        Partners in LANIT:

        • Management and consulting systems department
        • Companies “LAN ATMservice” and LANTER

        Lyubimova Tatyana, general director


    • LANIT-Tver

        Partners in LANIT:

        • Management and consulting systems department
        • Company “Onlanta”
        • Companies LAN ATMservice and LANTER

        Nakhamkina Elena, general director

        Vishnyakov Yury, executive director of the Tverskaya regional office
        Phone: +7 4822 79 02 24


    • LANSoft (Minsk)

        Partners in LANIT:

        • Corporate Systems Department


        Alexander Sinitsyn, general director
        Phone: +7 37529 557 36 74