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Business Process Management is a methodology focused on essential (or continuous) improvement of operational excellence and process agility of enterprises.

Business Process Management Suites of the leading vendors make one IT product a complete combination of tools needed to support full cycle of business process management, which includes:

  • Automating business processes (gathering requirements, designing, modeling, implementing, managing changes etc.),
  • Customizing business processes in a short space of time and in compliance with any parameters,
  • Monitoring business processes (collecting KPI statistics; monitoring employees’ workload; tracking KPI and SLA on the process level in general as well as on the level of certain process steps),
  • Optimizing business processes (process navigators making employees go to the appropriate destinations; process variability depending on a region, product, customer group, employee skills etc.),
  • Arranging collaborative work in the framework of dynamic business processes, with multiple interaction channels and social networks involved.

A BPM system integrated in the enterprise IT environment facilitates a streamlined information infrastructure in general.

LANIT – BPM Company, a branch of the LANIT Group, has been established to leverage a full-scale BPM practice in Russia.

LANIT – BPM is a Gold Partner and an Expertise and Localization Center specializing in BPM solutions of Pegasystems, the BPM vendor 1 according to the Gartner and Forrester’s ratings.

A team of certified BPM architects is currently working for the Company. This is the largest team of BPM architects in Russia and it is constantly growing.

LANIT – BPM provides a full range of services needed to automate business processes and improve their efficiency:

  • Consulting customers to ensure the right BPM system choice,
  • Arranging BPM project implementation,
  • Performing business process audit,
  • Designing and developing BPM solution,
  • Integrating BPM solution with other systems,
  • Trainings for managers, experts, Customer’s BPM team, and users,
  • Supporting and enhancing BPM solution.


14, k. 1, Murmanskiy drv., 129075, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 499 576 5531
Fax: +7 499 261 5781

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