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Packaged supply of technical equipment

LLC LANIT-Nord, part of the groups of companies LANIT, is the official distributor and partner of many leading global manufacturers and focuses on packaged supply of electrical and technical equipment.

Our brands:

  • LEGRAND (France) – producer of electrical and technical equipment, supplier of integrated solutions for the electric power and informational networks. LEGRAND goods are used both within residential premises and within the administrative buildings, as well as at industrial facilities.
  • Schneider Electric (France) equipment manufacturer for the power network management systems at the civil and residential construction facilities, industrial, power related and infrastructural facilities as well as data processing and network centers.
  • SIEMENS (Germany) manufacturer of automation equipment, commercial software, industrial communication components, frequency-controlled drives, switching and protection equipment, electrical machinery and power installations, wiring machinery and many other products.
  • VERGOKAN (Belgium) manufacturer of cable bearing systems and structures, various types of metal cable support trays and accessories thereto, steel cable trays and concealed wiring systems for the floor installation or casing.
  • RIT Technologies (Israel) manufacturer of structural cable systems, global leader in the field of intellectual solutions for the network and infrastructural management.
  • RITTAL (Germany) manufacturer of industrial and telecommunications frameworks: switch boards and boxes, electrical trays, crates and body frames, microclimate testing equipment, current distribution equipment, communication racks and boxes, outdoor installation frames.
  • KNUERR (Germany) manufacturer of boxes for the electrical and network equipment, computer related furniture, electrical and electromechanical system, control consoles and office and industrial furniture.
  • FG WILSON (Great Britain) manufacturer of electrical generators including diesel power generators, gas piston generators and flex fuel installations.
  • APC-MGE (France) manufacturer of uninterruptible power system, of high and very high capacity.
  • EATON (USA) manufacturer of electrical control systems, systems of power distribution, uninterruptible power supply and industrial automation systems.
  • Mitsubishi Electri (Japan) manufacturer of air conditioning systems for household, commercial and industrial application.
  • DAIKIN (Japan) manufacturer of high-tech air conditioning equipment, purposed for create comfortable conditions within the commercial, industrial and residential premises, as well as use for industrial purposes.
  • EMICON (Italy) manufacturer of a large range of industrial climate control equipment, designed taking into account minimum power usage, reduction in the level of acoustic noise, and with the use of environmentally friendly coolants.
  • NordVent (Germany) manufacturer of micrometric air conditioning systems and cold-supply for hi-tech premises of any complexity.
  • Bus wires of various manufacturers. Canalis bus wire produced by Schneider Electric. Bus wires produced by Zucchini, which is included in the group of companies Legrand. LS Cable bus wire (LG South Korea).
  • Power cables of the Russian manufacturers (Moscable, Spetscable, etc.) and of foreign manufacturers (Nexans, Hyperline, etc.).


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