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LANIT acts as a major network integrator capable of creating, developing and supporting IT infrastructure of virtually any size. Among LANIT’s integration services are:

  • on-site infrastructure audit (entire or partial)
  • infrastructure analysis and specifications development, recommendations on upgrade
  • design, technical and operational documentation creation, upgrade strategy creation
  • consulting on best usage practices, management regulation creation
  • customers IT-staff training
  • software and hardware delivery and start-up
  • testing
  • warranty and post-warranty support

LANIT offers following solutions and services related to IT infrastructure:

Engineering and Support Systems

  • uninterruptible power supply systems
  • cooling
  • IT and complex security systems
  • automated fire extinguishing system

Data and Multiple Signal Networks

  • local area networks
  • distributed data networks
  • wireless networks
  • optical transport networks
  • VoIP and IP-phone networks
  • voice mail and call-tracking in VoIP systems
  • video phone and conference systems
  • WiFi and DECT networks

Structured Cable Systems

LANIT offers full range of audit, design and mounting of structured cable systems including warranty service.

Data Centers and Computing Infrastructure

  • creating dedicated data centers for new applications and systems
  • data centers upgrade
  • complex data center audit
  • high-performance cluster systems
  • Storage Area Networks
  • back-up data centers
  • back-up and recovery solutions
  • consolidation solutions
  • server virtualization
  • blade-servers solutions
  • IT security centers

Corporate Infrastructure

  • network objects identification services
  • e-mail and joint communication services
  • corporate network management and monitoring
  • firewall and data-protection solutions
  • infrastructure virtualization
  • access virtualization
  • application virtualization

Microsoft Solutions Framework is used as a guide recommendation while developing and providing the aforesaid services and solutions.

IT Infrastructure Management

  • server platforms management systems
  • centralized IT infrastructure monitoring systems
  • workstations and peripherals management systems
  • IT infrastructure management centers
  • digital assets inventory and accounting systems
  • intra-corporate service catalogue for customers IT department
  • customers IT department service regulations
  • Service Desk

IT Security

  • corporate LAN security audit
  • digital assets confidentiality assessment
  • info-risks assessment
  • ISO/IEC 27001 data security policies development and implementation
  • complex IT security solution design based on info-risks and customers budget analysis
  • personal data security systems design and implementation
  • creating personal data security solutions compliant with standing laws and governmental policies
  • creating a documentation package for undergoing Gazpromcert certifications
  • delivering and start-up of stand-alone data-security systems and solutions


Network Integration Department
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Fax: +7 495 721 1933

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