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PLM systems

LANIT provides full range of integration services in the field of product life cycle management (PLM) and automation. The company delivers complex PLM and CAD/CAM/CAE systems covering all phases of product's life cycle from conception through design and production to service and disposal.

Key feature of the technology is creating unified and associated environment for managing requirements, projects, design and production in single product context, using digital mockup as a master document. Product's service period support is included in unified PLM solution.

Majority of LANIT's systems are based on Siemens PLM Software products.


LANIT provides full range of PLM-related consulting and deployment services.

Software services

  • Developing complex hardware/software solutions, tailored to clients needs
  • Software delivery
  • Software solutions deployment

Engineering consulting services

  • Automation strategy development
  • Implementing unified associated information environment methodology for complex machinery production
  • Software requirements management
  • Project management
  • Production processes optimization

Certified training

  • NX CAD/CAE/CAM systems
  • Solid Edge CAD systems
  • Team center software
  • Dedicated programming

Management consulting

  • Developing optimal IT-systems implementation recommendations
  • Developing recommendations for functional structure optimization on department and enterprise levels
  • HR management recommendations

Among LANIT's customers: “Aviadvigatel” (Perm), Perm Motor Plant, Ural E.S. Yalamov Optical Mechanics Plant, Voronezh Joint Stock Aircraft Building Company, IZ-Cartex, Rostselmash Combine Harvester Plant, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kazan Helicopter Plant, Rosvertol, Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant, Kuznetsov, Perm State University of Technology, Samara Aerospace University and others.


Computer Aided Design Department
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