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Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation: Governmental bidding website software development

As per order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation LANIT developed software for Official website for publishing information on governmental order placement (Official website). The website launch marked a new milestone in governmental purchase development in Russia: according to Federal law of 21.07.2005 94- since January 1, 2011 all official information related to orders placed in the interests of governmental bodies of Russian Federation subjects and municipal formations is to be published at unified resource

New site provides capabilities for order placing at any level – federal, regional and municipal. Expected number of users with rights to place orders over 500 000. Besides, the website provides unlimited number of contractors with accurate and legally reliable information on the orders. Requests quantity might be thousands per second. With high load in mind we designed the system focusing on website’s platform performance and fault-resilience.

List of innovative solutions utilized is very vast. They are presented in most website features and connected subsystems. Single resource provides instruments for contractors and customers: orders placement and search, single directory of state and municipal contracts, complaints directory, personal profile, integration with electronic stock markets and others.

One of key innovations is obligatory use of digital signature for every Official website user. The Website provides interaction with previously launched governmental order placing systems.

Bearing in mind the systems size and complexity it was tested since September 2010 in several regions of Russia. After tests conclusion vast documentation was generated including list of frequently asked questions and website forum launched. In addition several hour of educational video footage was published.

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