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Federal hydrometeorology and environment monitoring service: Meteorological network upgrade

In the end of 2007 “Bureau of economic analysis” in association with International bank of reconstruction and development set up a contest for total upgrade of Roshydromet land network. LANIT was chosen as winner and in 2008 started its Roshydromet project.

The project included delivery of the equipment for over 1900 nodes of weather monitoring network and maintenance of 240 sites across Russia. Total project’s cost was estimated tens millions of dollars. As per specifications LANIT delivered 210 fully automatic and 1600 semi-automatic weather monitoring stations, including models for extremely cold environments. Actinometrical station connected to BSRN-network was installed for solar radiation measurement. During project accomplishment 85 regional meteorological centers were upgraded, over 40 central and clustered meteorological stations. Projects objective was to establish weather monitoring in previously isolated areas and automate routine monitoring work.

The upgrade included new meteorological equipment and software delivery and establishing unified communication network. Alternative power sources were installed at sites where traditional power supplies were unavailable. All sites and equipment were backed up by uninterruptible power supplies of various configurations. Education of over 500 professionals took place to enable them install and utilize the new equipment.

The project is unique due to its size and new experience of deploying of new meteorological equipment production lines in Russia in compliance to World meteorological organization recommendations and international best practices.

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