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Federal Treasury: Developing and deploying workflow automation system at central and branch offices

In April 2006 LANIT won bidding for creating workflow automation system at the Federal Treasury.

Project plan included:

  • consulting services,
  • software customization,
  • system deployment,
  • customer’s staff education,
  • integration works,
  • existing applications data migration,
  • warranty support.

LanDocs workflow automation system (LANIT in-house developed solution) was used as an integration platform. After consulting sessions detailed workflow scheme was produced and used as a base for further project stages.

Project results

The system took load since January 2007. At the first stage of deployment it provided management of incoming documents and citizens complaints. Then outgoing documents management was covered. And finally internal correspondence and order registration modules were started. Regular publishing of complaints list (with their proceedings information attached) to the Treasurys website was established.

After the accomplishing the project in central office the Treasury decided to deploy the system at 85 its regional offices. LANITs partner with LANITs support undertook the job. At the moment the system is accessed from over 7000 workstations.

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