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BINBANK: Creating Service Oriented Architecture

LANIT in association with tech department of BINBANK developed and deployed Oracle Fusion Middleware-based integration platform. This created a basis for further SOA integration into bank’s IT-infrastructure.

At the first stage of the project banks business processes were optimized by integrating applications and providing their synergetic use. This way an information environment was created dealing with 400000 events on daily basis and providing data interexchange for 170 data sources from 9 different types of information systems.

Second stage was migrating to new automated banking system. During systems development a key requirement was formulated that seamless transfer from old decentralized architecture to new centralized automated system “Bancs” should be provided.


Oracle Fusion Middleware-based integrated SOA solution features fault resilience, high performance and security. It provides architecture for seamless migration of the branch offices to new system.

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