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Central Bank of the Russian Federation: Automation of the Banks Central electronic archive and development of prototyped archive management solution for branch offices

In 2000 a decision to create a Central electronic archive and Business documents archive based on LANIT’s LanDocs system was made. From the start the project was meant to result in geographically spread system.

At the first stage basic banks archive functions were automated and serial scanning and OCR systems for digitizing the paper archive were deployed. In December Central archive automated system started commercial operation. During 2001-2002 its features were enhanced. Automated case transfer subsystem was created for transferring cases from accounting and book-keeping system was created.


In 2002 Central Bank of the Russian Federation started replicating the system to its branch offices. By the end of 2006 it covered virtually all regional offices of the Bank. During the project accomplishing a vast (over 1500 pages) user manual was rendered.

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