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Slavneft: Deploying budget management system

LANIT built an Oracle Hyperion Planning-based budget management system for one of the largest Russia’s gas and oil companies Slavneft.

In 2008 the customer decided to deploy a budget management system based on Oracle Hyperion Planning solution of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management solutions group.

LANITs prototyped solution for oil and gas industry enterprises became the base of the project. It included pre-set up budget management model and design document templates.

During the project:

  • Slavnefts budgeting methods were adapted,
  • budgeting system designed and set up,
  • users were educated,
  • test launch and operation accomplished.


Deployed system ensures:

  • planning and factual data efficient aggregation,
  • groups internal turnover control at budget planning stage,
  • consolidated reports automated creation.

Project length – 4,5 months.

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