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MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant: CAD/CAE systems deployment

At MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant LANIT started with deploying NX CAD/CAM/CAE system. It provides unified information environment for design of complex machinery objects with many parts. After that Teamcenter system took over product’s design. The whole design process is reformed so that digital mockup is treated as master design document (as opposed to paper blueprints). Education of over 100 designers took place of which over 50 work with NX-Teamcenter on daily basis. All documentation is then transferred to production plants in the form of digital mockup.


Teamcenter deployment is a part of complex automation strategy. Thus LANIT integrates Teamcenter with other solutions for production planning and management. Techniques and solutions tailored for Moscow plant are then utilized at other enterprises of “Russian Helicopters” holding to build unified information environment encompassing whole holding members and provide capabilities of effortless transfer of technical documentation from design bureau to the plant in the form of digital mockup.

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