LANIT group of companies

LAboratory of New Information Technologies

is Russia's leading group of IT-companies with about three decades of successful history.
The group consists of various IT-companies providing full range of IT-services. It constantly enhances the product range by implementing new cutting-edge technologies and most demanded solutions.

38 companies of the group
partner of over 280 globe leading IT-hardware and software vendors
RUR 216,8 bn the total turnover of 2020
over 14 000 employees
more than 3000 personal leading vendors expertise certificates
among Russia’s TOP-3 IT-companies, “Russia’s 200 largest companies” Forbes rating, IDC “Competitive Profiles and Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in Russia”
Russia’s largest banks, oil and gas, manufacturing and other companies are among LANIT’s customers.

LANIT's mission is to promote modern information technologies in Russia. Main goal is to enhance customers’ business efficiency by implementing high-tech IT-solutions. Together with our customers we program the future by facilitating the spread of achievements of scientific and technical progress in Russia.
At the moment the group is comprised of companies each being a leader in its own segment of IT-market. Synergy of their combined effort allows undertaking largest and most complex projects.
LANIT’s clients are the biggest Russia’s enterprises and organizations: ministries and governmental agencies, banks and financial companies, oil and gas companies, power supply companies and others.
In order to fulfill customers’ demands at the highest level LANIT constantly expands service and product range, increases technical expertise of employees on the edge of hi-end technologies.
LANIT’s key principles are constant since it’s foundation:
  • implementing cutting-edge technologies;
  • partnership with IT-industry leaders;
  • providing services and products compliant with international standards;
  • developing regional infrastructure.
Leading. LANIT is the IT-industry leader with the wide range of services, products, technologies and innovative ideas.
Professional. LANIT employees are highly competent experts; LANIT Network Academy is one of the largest training centers in Russia totalling over 1 000 000 graduates.
Client-oriented. LANIT together with a client develops complex strategy of business development considering peculiarities in every case, every client is served on a long-term basis.
Innovative. LANIT develops new businesses and high technologies for client’s effectiveness and progress. LANIT’s special venture department supports startups

Act in full compliance with the Code of corporate and social responsibility based on the UN Global Compact dd. 2000, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, United Nations Convention against Corruption, Ethical Charter of IT management.
Employment policy is based on the principles of mutual respect and equal possibilities. LANIT perceives social responsibility and is actively involved in charity activities.
Operate in a manner that is protective of the environment, always contributing to development and distribution of environment-friendly technologies. Conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and strictly comply with all laws and regulations on bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices.


LANIT follows key principles for development and implementation of Compliance policy:

  • Comply with all the regulations of business ethic
  • Comply with the highest local and worldwide Compliance practices
  • Strict following all the Compliance points
  • Non-prevention to the processes for development and implemention of the Compliance system.
  • Providing full access to the information
  • Following the Compliace demands by every employee including top management and LANIT patners.

Please, send your applications regarding any traits of corruption to the email or send an anonymous message using the feedback form here: Confidentiality and absence of any action against the applicant are guaranteed. The application will be examined within 10 working days and reply will be sent to the personal email address.

Compliance policy of LANIT group

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy of LANIT group.