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Business directions GK LANIT
Direction of activity

LANTER traces its history back to 1995. This is when LANIT created the Banking Technologies Department. Over the next 15 years, this business direction has developed intensively, and in 2010, LANIT has completed its transition into a separate company called LANTER.

LANTER solutions are just as successful in automating payment transactions in traditional retail sales as in creating best payment methods for new emerging services and companies. LANTER is the first company to launch a contactless payment technology in Russia. 

Over the last three years, LANTER has responded to 250,000 technical troubleshooting requests for more than 100,000 POS terminals as part of the services provided.


  • Development of custom-made software Development of custom-made software
  • Multivendor integrated technical services Multivendor integrated technical services
  • Professional services and integration Professional services and integration
  • Hardware ans software solutions for merchant acquiring market Hardware ans software solutions for merchant acquiring market