Inventive Retail Group
123290, Moscow, Prichalny Proezd, 2, "Anchor" business center
+7 (495) 651-62-88
Business directions GK LANIT
Direction of activity

The Inventive Retail Group is a unique project for the Russian market that unites store networks of leading manufacturers of electronics, children's, and sports goods. The company has been purchased by LANIT. Today, the core of the Inventive Retail Group is the world famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, LEGO, and Nike.
The network includes:

86 re:Store stores,
91 Samsung stores,
86 certified LEGO stores,
15 Sony Centre stores,
23 Nike stores,
26 Street Beat stores,
5 Rookie stores,
2 LEAP stores,
6 магазинов kid rocks,
5 Unode50 stores.         

The company makes the list of the 100 Largest Retail Companies in Russia rating, the top-10 Largest Electronics Vendors in Russia. The Inventive Retail Group constantly gets the top-ranking spots in the Most Attractive Employers of the Russian Federation ratings according to job search services such as and